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Case Studies, Documents and Videos

Case Studies, Videos and Documents

Looking for clarity, support or a demonstration. Our Case Studies provide an in-depth review of implementations in Demand Driven sciences and will outline expectations and potential benefits to be achieved.

Our documents and videos will further reinforce learning's, methodologies and provide a structured approach to the implementation of Demand Driven science.


Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., is a high tech manufacturer specializing in power conversion solutions utilized in thin-film plasma manufacturing and solar energy generation.  This case study reviews the work that has been completed on their Supply Chain and the improvements that they have achieved.

67% Reduction in Lead Time and a 41% Reduction in Working Capital.

This second case study for Advanced Energy reviews the work that was completed in their facility located in Shenzhen China and the improvements that they have achieved.

38% reduction in Manufacturing lead-time and a 25% reduction in WIP.


This company provides professional engineering services for the design, fabrication, and assembly of tooling, automation, and robotic products.  The case study that has been created was improvement in their workflow processes to shorten lead-times.

45% reduction in RFQ preparation costs and a 22% in delivery performance of RFQ process.

Industrial Scientific Corporation is the global leader in gas detection products and related services that keep workers safe in hazardous environments.  This case study documents the work undertaken during 2014 and 2015 to consolidate the manufacturing and service operations, redesign product flow in addition to fitting the new operations environment into effectively less space within a new facility. December 2015 Industrial Scientific were awarded Pittsburgh Manufacturer of the Year.

83% Reduction in Lead Time and 200% Capacity Improvement.


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