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Is your supply chain prohibiting your company from responding faster and more efficiently to the needs of customers and the marketplace?

Is your Order Fulfillment activity synchronized with manufacturing?

Does your business have the ability to flex with demand?

Is the business covering for these and other deficiencies by holding excessive levels of inventory increasing risk and costs?

From a cash flow and working capital perspective, however, increasing inventory is not the best answer. Rising customer expectations for reduced order lead times, greater product availability, coupled with a need to reduce supply chain costs and to outperform competitors puts significant stresses on your business. Ever increasing complexity of today’s global supply chains combined with a need for greater efficiencies are causing the ability of your supply chain to be vulnerable to any level of disruption.

Demand Driven Procurement & Supplier Integration
Demand Driven Supply Chain Flow


The customer wants more choices, at a lower cost, delivered in shorter lead times than ever before.  One of the major problems that companies today have to overcome is the ability of the Forecast to actually be correct.  Well, even the best in the world can only achieve 80%-85% Forecast Accuracy. Optimal supply chain design enables responsiveness to actual customer demand. To compete in today’s marketplace, manufacturing companies must become less dependent on the Forecast and create a responsive supply chain that is capable, predictable and repeatable and linked to customer demand.

Meet the increased expectations of your customers for product availability, reduced order lead time, reduction in supply chain costs and the ability to outperform competitors with efficient supply chains based on High Impact’s world-class demand driven strategies.  We integrate customer demand with manufacturing, procurement and order fulfillment to deliver significant improvement in working capital, operating costs, and customer service levels.


Our global Demand Driven Supply Chain programs leverage and integrate the scientific approach defined by DFT and the world-class demand driven methodology Demand Driven MRP (DDRP) across the entire supply chain; closely integrating customer demand with manufacturing, procurement and order fulfillment. We pay particular attention to reducing supply chain cycle times, increasing supply chain linkage and visibility, enabling operationally streamlined supply matched to market demand requirements. Optimized levels of inventory can then be achieved through the adoption of quicker and repeatable response within the supply chain.

Our specific strategies for demand management will establish a well-architected demand driven supply chain creating a sustainable market advantage that enables your organization to significantly outperform your competitors in customer service, operating costs, and free cash flow.

Create a competitive advantage today.  Contact us today, to get details on how we can help your business to become more responsive, improve your bottom line and creating integrate your customer demand directly to manufacturing and your suppliers.


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DFT Case Study


“Our product mix ranges from extreme high mix, low volume to low mix, medium volume. We have selected DFT as the foundation for Manufacturing and Supply Chain because of its flexibility in supporting the volatility of our product mix. It provides our teams with a common language for planning and staging material in the supply chain and within the factory. Our customers require agility and speed for delivery of quality products and our stakeholders require cash conservation with our inventory strategies. DFT is our platform to achieve these requirements.”

Travis Johnson – Director, Supply Chain Management for Advanced Energy

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