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Demand Flow Technology training is fundamental to establishing flow within your manufacturing facility to enable your company to become Demand Driven such that it can meet the expectations of your customers in today’s complex and volatile marketplace.

3.5-Day Training Program

The Mixed Model Demand Flow Technology training program is designed for manufacturing operations, manufacturing/industrial engineering, planning, materials and supply chain personnel responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining flow manufacturing within your, or your supplier’s, facilities.  Designed by Thought Leaders with decades of manufacturing and supply chain experience, this fully interactive workshop will dramatically expand your understanding of Lean and Demand Driven Manufacturing.

This premium Demand Flow Technology training program is specifically designed to combine in-depth knowledge of Mixed Model DFT with a series of hands-on simulated factory workshops and group projects that will demonstrate why Flow Manufacturing is key to transforming a company into becoming Demand Driven as well as the skills to be able to do so. We deep-dive into the math and science of DFT while sharing our experiences in the art of how to truly implement.

Public Training Workshop

Attend one of our Demand Driven Planner (DDP)™ public training workshops and join supply chain professionals from a variety of companies and industries.

Private In-House Workshops

The Demand Driven Planner (DDP)™ can also be delivered as an in-house event anywhere in the world on a schedule to suit your business requirements.

Mixed Model Demand Flow Technology Training Curriculum

DFT as a Business Strategy

Evolution of Business and the Supply Chain

What is the DFT Business Strategy

The traditional approach

The Mixed Model Design Process

Mixed Model Product Synchronizations

Mixed Model Process Matrix with family definition tools

Sequence of Events

Effective Hours

Demand at Capacity (Dc)

Mixed Model Line Design Resource Calculations

Optimizing TPc/t

Line Design Features

Optional spur/feeder/fan line designs

In-Process Kanban (IPK) sizing

Advanced balancing techniques

Operational Method Sheets

Total Quality Control (TQC) practical tips for DFT operations

Inventory Management in a Demand Driven World

Material presentation considerations

Kanban Replenishment strategy design to support consumption of materials on the DFT Flow Line

Demand Driven supply chain methodology

Daily Operation of the DFT Line

Daily planning and staffing of Mixed Model flow lines/cells

Flow Rate and Linearity

Interactive Workshops & Case Studies

Batch Production – Simulated Factory Exercise

Understanding Why Flow Is Best

DFT Design Tools (4 group exercises)

Operators & the Flow Environment

Flow Manufacturing – Simulated Factory Exercise

Operational Layout Case Study Exercise

High Impact Coaching & Strategies has decades of experience promoting Demand Driven strategies across our customers’ factories and global supply chains. As the leading provider of Demand Flow Technology (DFT) consulting and education, combined with our supply chain education, consulting and software services we provide our customers with the capabilities to create flow, compress lead times and reduce inventory generating sustainable bottom-line benefits.

We provide our customers with cutting-edge Demand Driven solutions focused on enabling flow through the entire supply chain. Our world-class service and thought leadership mixed with a blend of real-world experience and practical training techniques will help you achieve your financial objectives.

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