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Consulting Services
Consulting services

Customer needs are often addressed by disparate consulting houses, software providers, and academic institutions. High Impact combines these capabilities into a complete suite of solutions. We don’t force your challenges into our model, we diagnose before we prescribe, providing companies with the vehicle for transformation depending on their specific needs. The Speed of Lean, Balance, and Flexibility from DFT and the Power of Six Sigma are the foundations behind all High Impact Transformation.

We are not generalists! We are demand-driven specialists, in the execution of speed and response through the Supply Chain.

Perhaps you have implemented some form of Lean in your facility or company but the results didn’t correlate to the investment. By not establishing flow, great projects can just become random acts. That is why our Services are simple and offered in three delivery modes:


A highly focused evaluation of your current environment. We develop models and simulations to determine the actual impact of applying our methodologies and processes to your business. The deliverable for this work will be a detailed presentation walking you through the what, why and how.


Structured consulting service where we act as consultants to the implementation team, directing their efforts ensuring that our methodologies and processes are followed for maximum results.


We lead the effort of your implementation for quicker completion and faster financial gains. All of our engagements are structured to meet the degree of leadership required to support company resources and scheduled to meet and eliminate any constraints both known and unknown.


Services Offered

Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, DDMRP, Lean, Six Sigma and Supplier Performance Improvement

Managing Complexity

Regardless of how complex your business questions or processes are, we have the capabilities to deliver the results you need to be successful.

Thought Leadership

Anyone can call themselves a thought leader; in order to truly be a thought leader you need to push the boundaries of your field. That is exactly what we have done for over 30 years. We never settle for the norm or the belief “it won’t work here”. We have combined the speed of lean and the science of DFT and the power of DDMRP to enhance profitability. Tell me who would think of combining the structure and methodology of Six Sigma with the mindset and human perspective of Six Sigma? Only a true thought leader.


Not Generalists

We are demand-driven specialists in the areas of speed, response and continuous improvement throughout the ENTIRE Supply Chain, from your customer through your facility to your supplier and supplier’s supplier.

We Don’t Force Your Challenges into our Model

We diagnose before we prescribe, providing you with the vehicle for true transformation specific to the needs of your business.

Diversity Separates us from the Competition

We offer education, consulting and software to provide the total demand-driven package under one roof.


High Impact Coaching Gold Stadium


Results of up to 50% reduction in working capital, 20% improvement in customer service, 10% reduction in Costs of Goods Sold (COGS) and 15% improvement in Safety performance.

75 Years


Have over 75 years of combined experience in client transformations. We bring specialties in Lean, Six Sigma, DFT, Supply Chain and even Safety to your business.

High Impact Coaching customer focus


We strive to offer a consistently great and always relevant experience regardless the engagement or workshop you are attending.

High Impact Coaching & Strategies provides world-class Lean, Six Sigma, DFT, Team Building and Demand-Driven programs. For more information about us click here.

We would be happy to provide references upon request, contact us for more information.

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