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Advanced Mixed-Model Certification


This price is per seat in our public hosted workshop the fundamental principles of DFT.


Product Description

Utilizing over a three decades of combined DFT experience, this interactive workshop will further develop your thinking in DFT mixed-model line design. Our training will give you an in-depth approach to mixed-model line design. We will dig deeper into the math and science of DFT while sharing our experiences in the art of how to truly implement.

Our workshop is founded on one of the five core principles of Lean as established by Womack & Jones, and utilizes the approach of Flow Manufacturing created by John Costanza.

This course will be accompanied by a detailed assessment of your knowledge in the DFT sciences. Upon passing this assessment and gaining an endorsement from one of our Thought Leaders after a one-on-one interview, you will be awarded with the Advanced Mixed-Model Certification status.

Do you want to learn the secrets if DFT Implementation? Want to become a master? Then this is the course for you!

Details for hotel booking

Hotel: Downtown Nashville Holiday Inn Express also the Location of the Workshop 

Dates: June 22nd through the 26th @ 3pm book flights after 4:30pm cst

Other Hotels that offer Great Rates and are close to the Location

Nashville Best Western –  8 Blocks away

Nashville Downtown Homewood Suites – 4 Blocks away

Capitol Hotel – 4 Blocks away newly renovated

This event will be a public workshop, please see location details below for the Location details. The address is listed in the Event Venue Details.

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Aug 19, 2014 08:00 am

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