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Mixed Model Demand Flow Technology Training (New Version)

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October 17th – 20th, 2017

Join us for this new, exciting and immersive class in Demand Flow Technology.  Full details of the class, including training curriculum, can be found below.

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Contact Sandy Goodwin on +1 888 841 8621 or by email (sgoodwin@myhicoach.com) for more information.

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Product Description

Why You Should Take This Class

The Mixed Model Demand Flow Technology Training Workshop utilizes over three decades of combined experience in Demand Flow Technology (DFT) to develop a fully interactive workshop that will develop your thinking in Mixed Model DFT Line Design. The Mixed Model DFT Training Workshop first introduces the need for flow and then continues to deliver the in-depth DFT knowledge you require to be able to establish Mixed Model DFT Flow within your manufacturing environment. We will deep-dive into the math and science of DFT while sharing our experiences in the art of how to truly implement.

This is a premium Demand Flow Technology training workshop is specifically designed to combine our renowned Mixed Model DFT training with a series of hands-on simulated factory workshops introducing why Flow Manufacturing is key to transforming a company into becoming Demand Driven.

Through participation in the simulated factory workshops and other hands-on exercises, delegates will understand first-hand what Flow is and how manufacturing, and ultimately the customer, will benefit from the implementation of Demand Flow Technology. During the classroom sessions, we will introduce all the tools required to implement Demand Flow Technology in your manufacturing facility. These classroom sessions will be followed by a series of group activities where delegates will be tasked with specific exercises to reinforce their understanding of the DFT Toolset and how to use it, building up a complete implementation data set.

The class will conclude with two activities to highlight the benefits of Demand Flow Technology. The first of these will be a simulated factory workshop demonstrating how DFT reduces lead time, reduces WIP inventories, improves productivity levels and quality. The final activity is a DFT implementation case study exercise to prepare an operational layout for a fictional factory, based on the data set that the delegates have created during the previous 3 days. During this final group exercise, the delegates will utilize all the DFT skills developed in class before leaving to implement DFT in their facility.

This Demand Flow Technology Training Workshop will provide you with a real and pragmatic process for converting your factory from forecast driven to Demand Driven, removing wastes and delivering real results.

All of our Thought Leaders have been training individuals and companies from around the world in the use of Demand Flow Technology for over 15 years.  This education delivery added with our “real life” implementation experience provides all participants with the required know-how to transform their manufacturing facilities. 

Do you want to learn the secrets of DFT Implementation? Want to become a master? Then this is the course for you!

Topics covered in our Mixed Model Demand Flow Training Workshop

DFT as a Business Strategy

Demand Flow Technology Training❯ Evolution of Business and the Supply Chain

❯ What is the DFT Business Strategy

❯ The traditional approach

The Mixed Model Design Process

❯ Mixed Model Product Synchronizations

❯ Mixed Model Process Matrix with family definition tools

❯ Sequence of Events

❯ Effective Hours

❯ Demand at Capacity (Dc)

❯ Mixed Model Line Design Resource Calculations

❯ Optimizing TPc/t

Line Design Features

❯ Optional spur/feeder/fan line designs

❯ In-Process Kanban (IPK) sizing

❯ Advanced balancing techniques

❯ Operational Method Sheets

❯ Total Quality Control (TQC) practical tips for DFT operations

Inventory Management in a Demand Driven World

❯ Material presentation considerations

❯ Kanban Replenishment strategy design to support consumption of materials on the DFT Flow Line

❯ Demand Driven supply chain methodology *

Daily Operation of the DFT Line

❯ Daily planning and staffing of Mixed Model flow lines/cells

❯ Flow Rate and Linearity

Interactive Workshops & Case Studies

❯ Batch Production – Simulated Factory Exercise *

❯ Understanding Flow *

❯ DFT Design Tools (4 group exercises)

❯ Operators & the Flow Environment *

❯ Flow Manufacturing – Simulated Factory Exercise *

❯ Operational Layout Case Study Excercise 

 * New Content Introduced for this class

Mixed Model Demand Flow Training Workshop Details

Demand Flow Technology Training Oct 2017This is a public training class open to all companies interested in Demand Flow Technology.  The class will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix/Tempe ASU Area.

Address: 2102 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA (8 miles from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)

Special Group Rate for Accommodation: $109 per night (Room Code HICS, Book before September 20th to obtain special rate for dates 16th to 20th October 2017)

Telephone: +1 480-968-2180

Dates: October 17th – 20th, 2017; (8 am – 5 pm each day, concluding at approximately 12 pm on 20th.  We would advise flights should be booked to depart no earlier than 1:30 pm)

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Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Cancellation and refunds are possible up to 21 days prior to this training workshop, less $50 processing fee. Please contact info@myhicoach.com to confirm the cancellation.

Inside the 21 days period prior to the training workshop, there is a No Refund policy.  In such an event the customer can either accept a training credit for the next class or transfer to another colleague at no cost.  If a colleague of the original delegate is attending we request all contact details are provided. Please contact info@myhicoach.com with full details.

A minimum level of enrollment is required for this class to be held



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17th October 2017. Starting 8:00 am

Location & Dates

2102 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA. October 17th – 20th, 2017; (8 am – 5 pm each day, concluding at approximately 12 pm on 20th. We would advise flights should be booked to depart no earlier than 1:30 pm)

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