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High Impact Coaching & Strategies

Delivering World-Class Demand Driven Manufacturing & Supply Chain Solutions

Our Demand Flow Technology (DFT) and Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) Consulting, Educational and Software Services provide the strategic, tactical and operational solutions for any manufacturing and supply chain company to become Demand Driven and operate in today’s complex and volatile business environment

Regardless of Structure or Size
Reduce Costs, Inventory and lead Time
Transform Your Business into a World-Class Demand Driven Organization

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New Mixed Model DFT Workshop – Aug’18

Denver, CO

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High Impact Coaching & Strategies are Demand Driven specialists.

We create FLOW for manufacturing & supply chain organizations utilizing Demand Flow Technology and the Demand Driven Operating Model.

We build world-class global supply chain networks utilizing Demand Driven manufacturing and supply chain optimization methodologies to reduce lead times and working capital while improving customer service levels and cash flow at the same time.

We provide a fully integrated service provision connecting Consulting, Education, and Software to enable world-class manufacturing & global supply chains for our client partners.

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Our Commitment

Provide our clients and customers with world-class service and cutting-edge thought leadership. Our blend of real-world experience and practical training techniques will help you achieve your financial objectives.

Demand Flow Technology Training

The value for DFT is known, typically we see business improvements in lead time reduction of up to 70%, up to 56% working capital reduction and up to 12% improvement in cost of goods sold.

We focus on training the individual and the appropriate transfer of knowledge to direct improvement efforts.

Our training isn’t boring! Don’t just take our word, check out our testimonials!

To that end join us at our next professional workshop

Mixed Model DFT Training: 21- 24 August 2018

Denver, CO


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