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High Impact Coaching & Strategies are Demand Driven industry specialists in the area of speed, response and continuous improvement throughout the entire supply chain. We diagnose before we prescribe, providing you with a basis for true Demand Driven transformation that is specific to the needs of your business.

Through our service provision of Consulting, Education and Software related to Demand Flow Technology (DFT) and Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) we are cover all the strategic, tactical and operational aspects that any manufacturing and supply chain company would require to become a world-class Demand Driven organization.

Our thought leaders experiences are wide-ranging, with over 20 years in Lean and Flow Manufacturing aka Demand Flow Technology (DFT), along with decades of expertise in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Our experts utilize their diverse knowledge to offer a wide range of services in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Lean, DFT, and Project Management.

Over 500 satisfied clients continue to give us glowing recommendations not just about the improvements they have captured but also about how accepting our consulting services team are at embedding the improvements into their culture, getting the employees and management engaged versus simply just bought in.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is simple: Our Company will provide comprehensive Consulting Services, development, training and certification for businesses, organizations, and professionals. Reinforcing our methodologies and processes with sustaining business improvement software.

Our Vision is to be a respected and sought-after consulting firm for both clients and employees. Our values of Integrity, Conscientiousness, and Sociability drives every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

Our Commitment is to provide our clients and customers with world-class service and cutting-edge thought leadership. Our blend of real-world experience and practical training techniques will help you achieve your financial objectives.

Why Choose Us

High Impact Coaching & Strategies promotes Demand Driven strategies across the global supply chains of our customers. We are Demand Driven industry experts and the exclusive provider of Demand Flow Technology consulting and software which we integrate with Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) to provide our customers with the capabilities to create flow, compress lead times and reduce inventory across their entire supply chain generating sustainable bottom-line benefits.

Our integrated offering of Demand Driven factory and supply chain solutions is designed to empower a company to take control of its complete supply chain with a focus on empowering the business with the right strategies and tools to facilitate the most flexible and optimal cost method of meeting customer requirements.

Are you looking to drive significant bottom line growth for your business, improve customer service levels in addition to improving your working capital position?

Of course, you are. Well, we are ready to help you to become Demand Driven, contact us today and speak with one of our industry experts.

Our Clients Typically Experience:

  • 15% Reduction in Supply Chain costs

  • Up to 56% reduction in Working Capital and 50% reduction in OBSL (Off-Balance Sheet Liability)

  •  3% to 12% reduction in COGS from 80% of our clients

  • 40% to 70% reduction in Lead Time for over 60% of our clients


Sandy Goodwin – President

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Mr. Goodwin is responsible for the operational and tactical execution of High Impact Coaching & Strategies’ global consulting and technology strategy; focusing on service delivery, execution excellence and tangible benefits for our clients. Leading the High Impact team in the delivery of full-scale Demand Driven manufacturing and supply chain efforts, spearheading change initiatives, optimizing supply networks for bottom line results and building world-class global Demand Driven organizations. Since 2002 Mr. Goodwin has been delivering results driven projects with JCIT, DemandPoint and now High Impact Coaching & Strategies. He has a passion for Demand Driven methodologies and is an ISCEA (International Supply Chain Educational Alliance) Certified Professional, as a Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP).

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Find out more information about the work we do transforming companies into becoming Demand Driven, compressing manufacturing & supply chain lead times, freeing up working capital, reducing Cost of Goods Sold and improving your bottom line.

We welcome any question from companies looking to create a step change in their manufacturing and supply chain performance.

Click on “Leave a Message” below to use online messaging or Contact Us if your company suffers from any of the following:

  • Long and/or inconsistent Lead Times

  • Poor inventory performance; stock-outs while carrying excess levels of inventory

  • Unacceptable customer service

  • High expedite expenses, such as air freighting expedited parts

  • Constant changes to supplier and production schedules, as well as changes in order requirements

  • Reliance on Excel to run complex manufacturing and supply chain environments

  • Stressed operators, planners, and buyers

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