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    TheONE Flow Module is your one stop shop for Flow design needs.  The module removes the need to create flow calculation in excel.  This training workshop walks you through all elements of how to actually use the training. 

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    Project Management is a fundamental building block in EVERYTHING we do. You have elements of project management in safety, day to day operations, sales, logistics, lean six sigma, etc… This course is designed to ensure you understand the basic fundamentals of project management, along with various elements needed for success.

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    Utilizing over a decade of experience, this interactive workshop will further develop your thinking on Flow Manufacturing & DFT. The training provides you with a real and pragmatic process for establishing flow in your factory. Our workshop is founded on the five core principles of Lean as established by Womack and Jones and utilizing the approach of Flow Manufacturing created by John Costanza.In this course you will learn the fundamentals behind Flow, useful terms and tools used for implementation. This course is designed for the beginner or the person looking just to learn more about Lean, DFT and Flow Manufacturing concepts. Our experience has shown us that with a foundation of DFT and Flow principles you can drastically improve throughput, creating a positive influence on all your key metrics.

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    Utilizing over three decades of health and safety experience our thought leaders have developed a program that EVERYONE in the health and safety field should know. We believe so passionately about this topic we also wrote a book just to get the message out.Five things that everyone should know about health and safety covers the critical five topics for success. Our objective is to help people understand the key differences in a culture of safety versus a safe culture. This course is for the new safety professional looking to understand the fundamentals, the experienced veteran looking for a refresher or a way to integrate their organization into a different way of thinking on safety.