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High Impact Coaching & Strategies provide transformationally consulting services helping our global clients to turn their manufacturing and supply chains into a powerful competitive advantage. Our manufacturing and supply chain consultancy provides our clients with the ability to jump ahead of the market, improving the bottom-line through a reduction in costs, lead time, and inventory.

All too often the needs of a company are addressed by disparate consulting houses, software providers, and academic institutions. At High Impact, we combine these capabilities under one roof to provide a complete suite of solutions. We provide our clients with a pragmatic and easy-to-understand blueprint to become Demand Driven enabling a comprehensive business strategy focused on operational, customer and financial benefits. Since there are no off-the-shelf answers for your specific manufacturing or supply chain issues, High Impact’s consulting team works onsite with the client team to diagnose before prescribing next steps providing companies with the vehicle for transformation.

We are not generalists! We are Demand Driven specialists that understand the pressures of manufacturing and supply chain complexities. Working hand-in-hand with our clients we deliver manufacturing and supply chain optimization solutions with sustainable bottom-line results.

Proven Transformational Results

Manufacturing Consulting

Transform your manufacturing operations to deliver working capital, operating cost and customer service level benefits through the deployment of Demand Flow Technology and best-in-class Demand Driven manufacturing methodologies.

Supply Chain Consulting

World-class Demand Driven supply chain methodologies create visibility and control aligning the entire supply chain to demand. Network-wide benefits are generated through lead time compression, inventory reduction, and improved material availability leading to exceptional levels of customer service.

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