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World-Class Demand Driven Manufacturing Transformations

Sustainable Operational Capabilities and Competitive Advantage From Demand Driven Manufacturing Solutions

Demand Driven manufacturing solutions with foundations based on Demand Flow Technology driving significant sustainable performance improvements through lead time compression, improved productivity and cost reduction.

Manufacturing Transformation

Are your manufacturing facilities synchronized to the needs of the customer?

Are your manufacturing lead times preventing your company from responding faster and more efficiently to the needs of customers and the marketplace?

Are you looking to drive significant bottom line growth for your business, reduce lead times, improve customer service levels in addition to improving your working capital position?

At High Impact, we understand the challenges faced on a daily basis by manufacturing companies as they attempt to meet customer requirements while coping with the strains of being part of a global supply chain network. We work with all sizes of companies to implement Demand Driven methodologies such as Demand Flow Technology to compress manufacturing lead times and create an unimpeded flow of product through a facility. At the same time, our transformational design process will improve productivity and reduce overall floor space within your manufacturing facility.

We have a proven history of delivering transformational business projects that will impact the business and turn your manufacturing facility into a strategic weapon unlocking significant sustainable benefits and a competitive advantage in the market-place. Transform your manufacturing operations to deliver improvements in working capital, operating cost and customer service levels through the deployment of High Impact’s best-in-class Demand Driven manufacturing methodologies.

Unlock Your Manufacturing Capabilities

Through the deployment of our transformation programs, your business will benefit from:

  • Reduction in Manufacturing & Customer Quoted Lead Times

  • Increased Capacity without Additional Resource

  • Improved Productivity

  • Improved Cost of Goods Sold

  • Improved On-Time Delivery & Product Availability

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Floor Space Reduction

Customer Expectations vs. Production Capabilities

Our general experience when we walk into a new company is that there is a huge gap between the expectations of the customer and the capabilities of production.

In the factory, actual work content is probably measured in seconds, minutes or hours, not the multiple days or weeks that products seem to take through manufacturing. With cumulation of supply and manufacturing delays, actual customer demand is further distanced from the daily plant performance and execution.

Traditional scheduling techniques are embedded as the planners’ method of choice for many companies. The master schedule, overly reliant on inaccurate forecasts, mirrors the unresponsive nature of the factory. Outdated MRP principles and a factory focused silo-based lean initiatives contribute little to the flexibility and speed and response needed to keep pace with variable and sometimes volatile customer demand. As a result, companies are only able to maintain customer service levels through holding inventory buffers throughout production and in Finished Goods.

The Transformational Process

The goal of any manufacturing company is to have an agile production facility that is adaptive to changes in daily demand and one that is aligned to the entire Supply Chain. Your facility needs to become truly Demand Driven and transition itself away from the business processes that force production environments to add significant costs to the business.

Demand Flow Technology manufacturing environments are designed to be balanced to support agility and flexibility. Through design, over-production is eliminated, flow is established reducing lead times and as a consequence, WIP and Finished Goods inventories are reduced improving the organizations Working Capital position. Customer service levels are increased as a direct result of improved planning processes, improved levels of response through manufacture, agility, and adaptability to changes in demand.

Our Demand Driven strategies will enable your manufacturing operations to meet market-driven requirements drastically reducing response times, inventory requirements and waste creating a competitive advantage in your marketplace. Our Demand Driven strategies have their foundation in Demand Flow Technology enabling your organization to respond faster and more efficiently to the needs of your customers and the market-place.

High Impact’s DFT methodologies enable companies to synchronize every manufacturing process to changing demand on a daily basis. We create mixed model flow with optimized resources within manufacturing supported by dynamically material replenishment strategies to achieve a faster and repeatable response to daily demand. With more repeatable response cycles that are synchronized to the daily demand, we can transform global organizations enabling them to gain control of previously out of balance factories, high levels of inventory, and spiraling operational costs.

What Our Clients Say

DFT Case Study

“A new state of the art headquarters facility warrants a world-class manufacturing and service operation. We weren’t looking for incremental change, we needed step function level change. High Impact Coaching & Strategies offered extensive hands-on experience and a history of results that met our needs…and they delivered.”

Jim Quasey – Senior Vice-President for Industrial Scientific Corporation

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