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Demand Driven Procurement & Supplier Integration

Demand Driven Supply Chain Signalling and the Alignment of Suppliers to Actual Demand

Demand Driven Procurement and Supplier Integration Strategies to Reduce Inventory Liability & Improve Supply Performance

Leveraging Demand Driven solutions to align the entire supply chain network to customer demand enabling system-wide visibility and control, reducing liability and improving supply performance and service levels.

Supporting Supply Chain Transformation

Are your suppliers really integrated into your organization?

Do your suppliers have the capability, capacity and ability to flex demand as your customer needs change?

Do your suppliers quote long lead times for supply of your raw materials which are sometimes extenuated by the fact they hold no raw materials due to lack of demand visibility?

Are you under pressure to free up working capital and to improve Customer Service Levels at the same time?

Traditional inventory management techniques lead to organizations holding excessive levels of raw material inventories while amplifying demand volatility throughout the supply chain. Off-Balance Sheet (OBS) liabilities increase as organizations push inventory upstream forcing their suppliers to hold substantially more inventory to overcome volatility in demand, reduce supply disruption and maintain service level requirements. However, in practice, this generally leads to further supply chain distortions and demand volatility magnification the deeper you go into your supply chain.

As High Impact’s consulting team transform your supply chain they will align the Procurement process with our Demand Driven Supply Chain methodologies. With a Demand Driven Procurement process deployed we will look to fully integrate the Supplier network as a critical part of the new Demand Driven Supply Chain. Pushing inventory back up the supply chain is not the answer, even with contractual obligations in place; inventory needs to be positioned strategically throughout the entire supply chain. We will work with you to reduce your inventory liabilities at each level of your supply chain through the right-sizing of inventory by aligning your suppliers directly with your customer demand.

Integrating your suppliers to the Demand Driven Supply Chain will help to provide further visibility and control in the supply chain enabling lead time compression, and reduced inventory liabilities while increasing overall service levels.

Unlock the Potential of Your Suppliers

Through the deployment of our transformation programs, your business will benefit from:

  • Reduced Off-Balance Sheet Liabilities

  • Reduction in Supply Lead Times

  • Increased Material Availability

  • Improved On-Time Delivery Performance

  • Increased Supply Chain Capacity

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

The Procurement Challenge

Evermore challenging and complex supply chains, long lead-times coupled with high levels of demand uncertainty mean that today’s procurement and supplier management operations require a series of best-in-class Demand Driven tools and techniques to enable them to support working capital optimization initiatives while supporting a drive to improve overall customer service levels.

By managing exceptions, procurement and supply chain teams can start to reduce supply chain operating costs, reduce inventory liabilities, both within the business as well as those across the entire supplier network, while improving the reliability of supply performance. The overall benefit to the customer is a reduction order lead times and increased service levels.

The Transformational Process

Working capital optimization initiatives that push inventory back to the supplier may well improve the organizational Balance Sheet, however, the supplier is always “left holding the baby”. Key to successes is a supply chain built on partnerships and a supply chain network that leverages the benefits of the Demand Driven Operating Model.

High Impact’s industry-leading Demand Driven Procurement and Supplier Integration strategies will enable your organization to improve its working capital position, minimizing the risk of supply disruption, improving visibility and predictability of supply.  Our Demand Driven Supplier Integration strategies will provide your organization with the ability to improve raw material availability while reducing inventory levels, Off-Balance Sheet liabilities and the overall total cost of ownership.

Our Demand Driven Supply Chain solutions are embedded into companies and suppliers to primarily support the transformation of our clients, but the supplier directly benefits as well. Demand Driven Supply Chain methodologies will create a competitive advantage across the entire supply chain network enabling a fully integrated Demand Driven supply network that has full visibility, is more responsive to customer demand and carries significantly less inventory network-wide.

What Our Clients Say

DFT Case Study

“Our product mix ranges from extreme high mix, low volume to low mix, medium volume. We have selected DFT as the foundation for Manufacturing and Supply Chain because of its flexibility in supporting the volatility of our product mix. It provides our teams with a common language for planning and staging material in the supply chain and within the factory. Our customers require agility and speed for delivery of quality products and our stakeholders require cash conservation with our inventory strategies. DFT is our platform to achieve these requirements.”

Travis Johnson – Director, Supply Chain Management for Advanced Energy Industries

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