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Global Demand Driven Supply Networks to Improve Working Capital, Customer Service and Operational Costs

Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprises and Supply Chain solutions driving sustainable global improvements through lead time compression, reduced inventory with increased service levels, reduced working capital and improved cash flow.

Supply Chain Transformation

Is your supply chain preventing your company from responding quickly and efficiently to the needs of your customers?

Are your manufacturing facilities and supply networks synchronized to the needs of the customer or a highly inaccurate demand forecast?

Do your supply chain planners & buyers complain of material shortages and excessive levels of inventory?

Are you looking to drive significant bottom line growth for your business, improve customer service levels in addition to improving your working capital position?

Our consulting team at High Impact are well versed in these issues. Working directly with our global clients we understand first-hand the challenges and issues that supply chain professionals have to overcome on a daily basis as they attempt to contend with poor forecasts, supply performance and volatile demand while meeting the needs of increasingly demanding customers. Working across entire supply networks and multi-tier suppliers we develop specific Demand Driven supply chain solutions to enable organizations to become Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprises. Implementation of a Demand Driven Operating Model and Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) provides supply chain visibility and control enabling lead time compression, reduced inventory with increased service levels, reduced working capital and improved cash flow.

We have a proven history of transforming entire supply chains delivering sustainable and impactful impact creating a strategic weapon and a competitive advantage in the market-place.

Transform your global supply chain network to deliver a Return on Capital Employed (inventory) supporting that the needs of your customers. Achieve lower levels of inventory than you would imagine while increasing your service level performance through the deployment of High Impact’s best-in-class Demand Driven supply chain methodologies.

Unlock the Capabilities of Your Supply Chain

Through the deployment of our transformation programs, your business will benefit from:

  • Reduced and Right-Sized Inventory

  • Reduction in Supply Lead Times

  • Improved On-Time Delivery Performance

  • Reduction of Supply Chain Costs

  • Increased Supply Chain Capacity

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

Today’s Supply Chain Landscape – The New Normal

Supply chain organizations are under pressure to meet rising customer expectations for product availability and shorter lead times, to reduce supply chain costs and to outperform competitors; all in an effort to capture market share. At the same time, market forces are increasing supply chain complexity, pushing for efficient supply chains that result in supply response becoming more vulnerable to disruption; while fragmented markets and product proliferation fosters higher levels of volatility and demand uncertainty. More accurate forecasts are becoming harder to create and business processes are becoming less repeatable… putting your supply chain into a state of chaos.

Quite simply these are the economic realities of doing business today or the “New Normal”. Experienced across all countries, across all industries, and by small and large companies alike, the effects of the New Normal can be summarized as:

❯ Excess inventory consuming cash and space

❯ Stock-outs delaying customer orders affecting customer service levels

❯ High expedite expenses driving up operational costs

❯ Poor forecast accuracy used to manage long lead time parts

❯ Demand volatility forcing constant changes to supplier and production schedules amplifying supply disruptions

❯ Lack of supply chain and manufacturing capacity

❯ Reliance on error-prone Excel spreadsheets

❯ Stressed supply chain professionals attempting to plan and execute a broken supply chain

Adapt or Die Become Demand Driven

The Transformational Process

The issues that working in the New Normal brings are further compounded by the fact that the planning logic in MRP further amplifies volatility and system nervousness as demand and supply flow through the entire network driving higher levels of inventory, stock-outs, and unacceptable customer service performance. MRP is a great application for transactional activity and was the best method for Just-in-Time management of inventory, however, this is no longer is applicable in today’s supply chain landscape. MRP has become the main source of the Bullwhip Effect and it no longer has the capability to provide the right information to make the right decisions within today’s global supply networks.

For companies To compete in today’s marketplace, the process of planning and execution of the entire supply must be decoupled from the forecast. A responsive supply chain network that is capable, predictable and repeatable will only be possible when it is directly linked to demand.

At the core of our supply chain programs is the creation of a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise that leverages best-in-class Demand Driven methodologies of Demand Flow Technology and Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) to enable our clients to de-risk their supply chain reducing lead times, inventory levels and operational costs while improving customer service. The consequence of which will be increased visibility and control of the supply chain driving substantial improvement to the bottom-line. Further risk and liability are removed from the supply chain with our Demand Driven Supplier Integration Programs.

We pay particular attention to the creation of responsive agile supply chain networks that are synchronized to market demand requirements through the compression of supply chain lead times, positioning, and right-sizing of strategic inventory, and the decoupling of consumption and supply thereby absorbing the inherent variabilities in demand and supply.

Working with High Impact you will introduce specific demand management strategies to establish Demand Driven supply chains that will meet the increased expectations of your customers for product availability, reduced order lead time, reduction in supply chain costs creating a sustainable market advantage that will enable your organization to significantly outperform its competition.

Adapt or Die - Become Demand Driven

In 2016 Harvard Business Review published an article by Reeves, Levin, and Ueda, in which they state that there is a one in three chance that US public listed companies will be delisted by 2021. Manufacturing and supply chain organizations must adapt if they are going to compete and outlive the competition.

The Planning and execution of the entire supply chain must be aligned and synchronized to the needs of the market. The organization must become Demand Driven to establish an optimal supply chain design. The world-class Demand Driven methodologies, tools and techniques that we deploy will:

❯ Compress supply lead times

❯ Enable supply chain optimization

❯ Right size inventory throughout the entire supply network

❯ Slash expedite costs

❯ Optimize working capital providing a return on investment

❯ Absorb demand volatility and supply disruption eliminating the propagation and amplification of the bullwhip

❯ Synchronize manufacturing and the supply chain to customer demand

❯ Free up capacity by only producing and ordering what is required, rather than what might be required

What Our Clients Say

DFT Case Study

“Our product mix ranges from extreme high mix, low volume to low mix, medium volume. We have selected DFT as the foundation for Manufacturing and Supply Chain because of its flexibility in supporting the volatility of our product mix. It provides our teams with a common language for planning and staging material in the supply chain and within the factory. Our customers require agility and speed for delivery of quality products and our stakeholders require cash conservation with our inventory strategies. DFT is our platform to achieve these requirements.”

Travis Johnson – Director, Supply Chain Management for Advanced Energy Industries

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