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Companies in the 21st Century are faced with increased supply chain complexity, increased levels of demand volatility, and issues with supply performance.  In addition, customer tolerance has decreased, the number of parts with long lead times has increased, product life cycles are shorter and product variety has increased. This is the New Normal of today’s business environment.

TheONE is a multi-platform Demand Driven Enterprise software solution for this New Normal.  TheONE enables manufacturers to design, manage, and improve their production and supply chain capabilities to work within the constraints of the New Normal. TheONE combines Lean and Six Sigma with DFT (Demand Flow Technology) and DDMRP tools to benefit any size of manufacturer, be they Discrete or Continuous. Our integrated offering of Demand Driven factory and supply chain solutions is designed to empower a company to take control of its complete supply chain with a focus on empowering the business with the right strategies and tools to facilitate the most flexible and optimal cost method of meeting customer requirements.

TheONE is a user-friendly cloud-hosted Demand Driven software application providing superior processing capabilities eliminating all of the risks when designing and managing manufacturing and supply chain environments.

For the Factory: TheONE Flow Design

Stop relying on Excel and other inadequate tools to design your factory flow. TheONE is a technology-based toolset that will support your Lean and DFT implementations to create flow within any manufacturing environment. TheONE Flow Design module is our cutting edge Lean and DFT design software that provides Demand Driven manufacturing companies with the necessary tools and technology to rapidly deploy, support and enable the future sustainability of manufacturing environments.

For the Supply Chain: TheONE DDMRP

Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) is a Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) that provides companies with the operational planning and execution tools to revolutionize their supply chains, right sizing inventory at strategic locations throughout the entire supply network while dampening supply chain volatilities at the same time. These strategic inventories decouple the entire supply network and absorb inherent variabilities and volatilities enabling visibility, control, responsiveness, and agility.

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