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TheONE - DFT Flow Design Software

A Rapid Design Methodology to Establish Manufacturing Flow


Do you rely on Microsoft Office to design and update your Lean manufacturing and Demand Flow Technology (DFT) factory flow? Are you frustrated with the design process in Excel and PowerPoint? How confident are you that your Excel models are truly integrated with each other and that all formulas are correct? Does the future of your DFT implementations rest on the collaboration of one or two company “Excel Gurus”?

Demand-driven manufacturers have relied on Excel and other inadequate tools for too many years and many are no longer confident that linked calculations throughout their design models are accurate.  The result is that many factory flow designs are inaccurate and lead to further design inconsistencies.  Errors within one model are propagated into the next as implementation teams copy and paste design templates.  Furthermore, due to design complexity, much of the data in many Line Design models rapidly become outdated.  Manufacturing organizations find that over time their Demand Driven environments revert to times when productivity was low, lead times were increasing and the only way to meet customer expectations was to revert back to carrying high levels of inventory.

Thankfully there is a better way!

Demand Flow Technology Flow Design


For years, Demand Driven manufacturers have been crying out for technology-based tools that will support their Demand Flow Technology and Lean implementations.  They have been craving for manufacturing flow software that will drive their Lean and DFT Transformations forward just as they would expect from their High Impact consultant.

Well, look no further! High Impact Coaching & Strategies is proud to present TheONE DFT Flow Design Module, our cutting edge Lean and Demand Flow Technology design software. This low-cost cloud hosted multi-platform web application will provide demand-driven manufacturing and supply chain companies with the necessary tools and technology to rapidly deploy, support and enable the future sustainability of their Lean manufacturing environments for years to come.


Demand Flow Technology Design: Product Synchronizations
Product Synchronizations
Demand Flow Technology Design: Process Matrix
Process Matrix
Demand Flow Technology Design: Line Design
Flow Line Design


  • User Interface

    A friendly intuitive interface allows multi-discipline collaboration through a series of complementary modules, connecting the user’s data to ensure success and sustainability.

  • Design Toolset

    Packaged Demand Flow Technology and Lean Tools provide the focal point for users to improve their business processes.

  • Data Security & Processing

    With fully encrypted data transactions and storage, TheONE’s fast, reliable and accurate data processing enables users to quickly design, deploy and maintain Mixed-Model Flow Lines throughout their facilities, achieving faster response times, reduced inventory levels and higher levels of quality.

  • Structured Design

    Incorporating the methodologies and tool sets that leading industry experts have used for years, TheONE provides a structured, scalable application that supports the needs of the user’s business today and into the future.

  • Scaleability

    Consistent design strategy to improving manufacturing facilities around the world.

  • Organizational Improvement

    In just a few simple clicks, a user can reduce cost, manufacturing lead times, inventories, working capital and Cost of Goods Sold whilst improving customer service levels, regardless of company structure or size.

DFT Factory


Are you looking to drive significant bottom line growth for your business, reduce lead times, improve customer service levels in addition to reducing your working capital position? Yes? Well, we are ready to help you to become truly Demand Driven.  Future proof your business today, and better meet the needs of your customers.

Contact us today to speak with one of our industry experts.

TheONE is competitively priced at $5,000 per year per site location.

TheONE is also available as a corporate On-Premises application on request.

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