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Demand Flow Technology will impact your business with compressed lead times, reduction in working capital, reduction in Cost of Goods Sold, and improved customer service levels elevating the business to become a market leader.

Demand Flow Technology (DFT) is a comprehensive mathematical-based methodology that enables a company to become Demand Driven so that it can meet the expectations of their customers in today’s complex and volatile marketplace.

What is Demand Flow Technology?

As a powerful structured mathematically-based toolset, Demand Flow Technology drives substantial response, cost and productivity improvement through the simulation and design of mixed-model production flow lines within any manufacturing environment. Production processes are synchronized, balanced and reorganized in a flow to enable substantial improvement of velocity through production and repeatability customer response times, while material replenishment systems are designed to provide flexibility, reduce overhead and provide early visibility of shortages.

Demand Flow Technology Reduced Lead Time & Improved Variability

The goal for any company operating Demand Flow Technology is to have an agile production facility that is adaptive to changes in daily demand and one that is aligned with the entire Supply Chain. The business needs to become Demand Driven to survive and transition itself away from business processes that permit production environments to add significant costs to the business through long lead times and excessive over-production.

Equally successful in all industries, Demand Flow Technology is the science behind flow manufacturing techniques utilized by leading companies such as Advanced Energy IndustriesAmerican Standard, Boeing, Garmin, Hyster-YaleIndustrial Scientific CorporationJohn Deere, and Nortek. The importance of Demand Flow Technology to manufacturers was stressed by the former Chairman and CEO of GE, Jack Welch, when he stated “DFT is an absolute business discipline…it’s another way to simplify the business.”

Impactful business transformation driving high levels of response capability, lead time compression, improved productivity, a reduction in working capital and reduced Cost of Goods Sold, enabling manufacturers to be more effective in meeting the needs of their customers on a daily basis elevating the business to become a market leader.

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