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A Solution to Excess Inventories, Stocks-Outs & Poor Customer Service?

Generic Supply Chain Issues

High Levels of Inventory, Stockouts & Poor Customer Service Levels

Does your company suffer from any one, or all, of the following:

– Poor inventory performance; stock outs while carrying excess levels of inventory

– Unacceptable customer service levels

– High expedite expenses, such as air freighting expedited parts

– Constant changes to supplier and production schedules; changes to order requirements based on constant changes in MRP

– Reliance on Excel spreadsheets to establish, confirm and monitor supply chain requirements

– Stressed planners and buyers

Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) is the solution you have been searching for. DDMRP is a Demand Driven operating model that provides companies with the operational planning and execution tools to revolutionize their supply chains, right sizing inventory at strategic locations throughout the entire supply network while dampening supply chain volatilities at the same time.  These strategic inventories decouple the entire supply network and absorb inherent variabilities and volatilities enabling visibility, control, responsiveness and agility.

DDMRP will enable improvements of up to:

– 65% reduction in average on-hand inventory

– 80% reduction in lead times

– 100% on-time delivery performance

– 90% reduction in inventory obsolescence

– 400% improvement in inventory turns

– 25% improvement planner availability

Since the inception of MRP back in the 60’s and initial acceptance in the mid 70’s, supply chains have evolved from being linear based to more complex multi-node global supply networks.  As network complexity has increased so too have volatility levels in demand and supply throughout these supply networks.  In addition, customer tolerance has decreased, the number of parts with long lead times has increased, product life cycles are shorter and product variety has increased. This is the New Normal of today’s business environment.


DDMRP is the world standard for demand driven methodologies in planning, scheduling and execution of the entire supply network from end users and distribution to manufacturing and multi-tiered suppliers. It is a Multi-Echelon Material and Inventory Planning and Execution system that enables a company to become demand driven, dynamically sizing and adapting supply networks and production systems through sensing changes in actual demand patterns and supply responsiveness. DDMRP right sizes inventory, while reducing overall inventory holding, improves customer service levels, establishes lead time compression, and generates an overall return on investment.

High Impact Coaching & Strategies has a long and respected heritage working with clients around the world to implement demand driven transformations within factories and global supply networks. Over the years we have been forced to define specific attributes, parameters and processes within our supply network designs to “trick” MRP into becoming demand driven. Now after years of constantly fighting MRP, we have filled the missing link with an application that by-passes the MRP planning process while retaining it’s excellent transactional capabilities.

TheONE, our DDMRP compliant software replaces MRP planning logic with a series of demand driven planning and execution tools that promote increased visibility, responsiveness and agility through the entire supply network. Average inventory levels will be reduced while increasing levels of customer service, compressing lead times and absorbing variability.  The problems characteristic of MRP within today’s supply networks will immediately become a thing of the past.

Global organizations such as Unilever (Gartner’s #1 demand driven supply chain for 2016), Michelin, Coca-Cola and others small to large have already adopted DDMRP enabling improved market responsiveness, reduction in lead times, elimination of variability and volatility throughout their supply networks.

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July 25, 2016

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