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Our product mix ranges from extreme high mix, low volume to low mix, medium volume. We have selected DFT as the foundation for Manufacturing and Supply Chain because of its flexibility in supporting the volatility of our product mix. It provides our teams with a common language for planning and staging material in the supply chain and within the factory. Our customers require agility and speed for delivery of quality products and our stakeholders require cash conservation with our inventory strategies. DFT is our platform to achieve these requirements.

Travis Johnson – Director, Supply Chain Management

Advanced Energy

A new state of the art headquarters facility warrants a world-class manufacturing and service operation. We weren’t looking for an incremental change, we needed step function level change. High Impact Coaching & Strategies offered extensive hands-on experience and a history of results that met our needs…and they delivered.

Jim Quassey – Senior Vice President

Industrial Scientific Corporation


All knowledge was presented in an extremely attractive and easy to understand way. I’m so glad that I had the chance to participate.


Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable, patient, professional and had an excellent disposition. The course material was in-depth and thoroughly discussed.

Comtech EF Data

The overall experience was amazing. The material shown was very informative and enlightening. The most important thing that I am taking away from this workshop is the tools needed to become demand driven. I would recommend this class to anyone who wishes to improve production and customer service.

Torotel Products


With TheONE, your focus is on the overall DFT design rather than on non-value added activities associated with spreadsheet manipulation. It provides a really great user friendly step-by-step process to follow when designing your DFT flow line.

Industrial Scientific Corporation

DDMRP in TheONE is an unbelievable tool for managing my inventory. I have been so used to managing excess due to the forecast. Now we only order based on actual demand requirements rather than forecast or gut feelings. I used to spend so much time of my day checking items that I had no requirement for, now TheONE tells me exactly what is required significantly freeing up my time.

Kendall Packaging Corporation

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